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Contact Information

Emergency dial 911

Phone 503-824-2545

Burn Advisory

20987 S. Hwy 211
Colton, OR 97017

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What to Expect When You Call to Report an Emergency

  • No coin is required when using a pay phone
  • Callers will be asked for the type of emergency being reported
  • The dispatcher will ask for the location and type of emergency being reported
  • as well as the caller’s telephone number - - Do Not Hang Up!
  • In order to send the correct type of equipment and personnel to handle the emergency, it may be necessary to ask further questions
  • Depending on the type of situation being reported to the fire department, the dispatcher may have helpful instructions to give the caller in order to help out
  • until emergency forces arrive

Please note that when calling 911 from a mobile phone you will be prompted to say "HELP" or press 1 on your keypad before being connected to an operator. This has been put in place to reduce the number of accidental 911 calls made from mobile phones. More information on how to reach 911 from a mobile phone is available here from the Clackamas County 911 website.

PLEASE REMEMBER: 9-1-1 is an emergency number and should not be used for non-emergency purposes. Abuse of 9-1-1 may delay someone else’s access to emergency assistance.

For more information click here: Clackamas911